About LiveGrades

LiveGrades.com is an online student grading system that Citynet has developed to meet the specific needs of West Virginia school systems. Originally offered as a paid service, in 2012 Citynet made the LiveGrades platform free to any West Virginia school as a way of giving back to the communities in which Citynet serves.

The goals of this product are to provide school districts with a system that offers administrative functionality, reporting, and organization wide settings, allow teachers to quickly and easily manage grades, as well as provide students and parents with the ability to access grades, assignments, key information, and effective communication all in one place. We're proud to say that the LiveGrades program has been adopted by many school districts across the state of West Virginia.

From the beginning, our LiveGrades.com platform stood apart from other online grading programs, in that LiveGrades is a completely web-based program which enables the user to access it wherever there is an Internet connection - no software downloads required.

Citynet's team of talented developers worked alongside teachers, and carefully listened to their needs, and built the platform from the ground-up, based on real-time feedback from educators. This, along with countless focus groups and continued feedback from teachers, administrators, parents, and students allow Citynet to keep the program up-to-date and to meet the ever-changing needs of school systems.

During the development stages of the system, Citynet partnered with the Harrison County School System. Jan Frenzel, who was hired by Harrison County as one of two "technology teachers" in 1986 and worked her way up to being the county webmaster during the initial stages of the program, explains that she had several meetings with developers and piloted a group of teachers during the Beta phases of LiveGrades. After that, LiveGrades became her "pet project", and she worked closely with the Citynet team to make sure that it was truly a program developed by teachers for teachers, parents, and students, and that it continued to meet the needs of the educational environment. After her retirement from Harrison County Schools, she joined Citynet as a LiveGrades administrator, putting her educational technology experience to work for the benefit of the platform.

As LiveGrades successfully grew, both in features and in wide-scale use, Stacy Martin joined Jan as a co-administrator of LiveGrades. While Jan brings expertise from the teacher/school side to LiveGrades, Stacy, as a mother with three school age kids, brings the insight of a parent and real-life experience using LiveGrades. As a former prosecuting attorney with the State of West Virginia, she is active in her school system as an involved parent and school volunteer, Stacy receives continuous ideas and feedback from parents and works to incorporate many of them into the LiveGrades platform so that it continues to expand its feature set and become even more valuable to all who use it.

Together they work with school systems across the state and beyond, and would love to talk with you about liveGrades!

The LiveGrades program, backed with Citynet's unmatched dedication to its customers and the success of the technology it produces, makes LiveGrades a top contender in the world of education technology.

About Citynet

Headquartered in Bridgeport, West Virginia, Citynet is a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions for consumers, businesses, enterprise organizations and wholesale customers in West Virginia. Core services include network-based business communications: voice and data communications, fiber-enabled and broadband Internet, HD television, hosted VoIP systems, data services. Additionally, Citynet offers a full suite of IT managed network services: managed network, managed security, and cloud computing services.

Citynet continues to invest in and aggressively expand its wholly-owned fiber-optic network in the North Central West Virginia region, lighting up the cities of Morgantown, Bridgeport, Clarksburg, Fairmont, Philippi, and Snowshoe Mountain with fiber-optic Internet & HDTV services. Citynet is dedicated to making affordable broadband connectivity accessible for all of West Virginia. Keep up to date with Citynet's expansion of broadband services by visiting WestVirginia.com and by visiting Citynet's Facebook page.

Citynet partners with the best and most trusted names in technology, such as Cisco, Microsoft, Barracuda, VMware, Dell and more. Citynet's engineers and technicians hold an impressive array of professional technology certifications and undergo constant training.

Our customers benefit from its around-the-clock, award-winning customer service, based out of Citynet's corporate headquarters in Bridgeport, West Virginia.

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