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School Level Reports

LiveGrades was designed around the concept that it will be used by an entire school system (County), or at least an entire school. With this design, the system allows multiple access levels for school administrators at the district and school level. A variety of reports are available to administrators to view the progress and grades from within each of the schools.

Access to Grades and Classes

Just as an administrator has the ability to view reports for their school/district, they also have administrative rights to each of the classes within the schools. Administrators have the ability to view and edit grades in any of the classes within their school/district. Essentially, an administrative can do anything a teacher can do on any class within their organization.

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Organization Settings

LiveGrades allows customization on both a teacher and individual school/district organization level. Organizations can specify and customize term schedules, period schedules, grading scales, grading marks, and control user and access.

Security and Backups

With LiveGrades, you can rest assured that all the grading data is safe and secure. Using advanced internet security measures and techniques, Citynet has ensured that the system is safe and protects all critical information, ensuring it is accessible only by those authorized to see it. Every teacher or user has their own account, and they can only see information they are allowed to see. The grading data itself is very secure against loss as well. With nightly on and off-site backups, there is no fear of information becoming corrupted or lost.

Activity Tracking

As system security is paramount to the system, LiveGrades tracks all changes made at all levels. Anytime a grade is updated, a setting is changed, or virtually anything occurs within the system, a record is logged of who is making the change. In the event of an incident or questions, this information can be retrieved to determine when and by whom any changes were made.