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Citynet is pleased to offer the LiveGrades solution to school districts across the country. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of LiveGrades and the impact it can make for school and district administrators, teachers, parents, and students within your school district, we welcome you to contact us today.

If your child goes to a school that is currently using LiveGrades, then you will have immediate, real time access to their grades and other information. To gain access, please contact your child's school directly to obtain a "Guardian Login Information" sheet. For security reasons, these can only be obtained from the school and are not available from Citynet. If your school does not use LiveGrades, let your child's school know about this exciting product and the value it can bring to your child's education.
If your school is using LiveGrades, then your account is ready to go to log in to see your grades and more instantly. Simply ask your teachers for a "Student Login Information" sheet. For security reasons, you can only get these from your school, Citynet does not provide any student information.
Teachers and Administrators
If your school is already using LiveGrades, you'll be able to easily track your grades and other classroom information online at any time. For questions about using LiveGrades, each school district has a trained LiveGrades contact that is ready to assist with any questions about the product. If your school doesn't use LiveGrades, contact us today through any of the below methods and we'd be happy to provide more information about the benefits of LiveGrades and how your school can come online with LiveGrades!


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