Parent/Student Login


Welcome to the Parent and Student Login page for LiveGrades! By logging into this secure website, you will be able to access grades and other information as soon as it is entered by teachers. This login will only work for students and parents that attend schools who are currently using LiveGrades.

First Time Logging In?


If your school and teachers are using LiveGrades, then you have access to log in to view your grades and other information. Your account has already been created by the school and the school will have your username and password. You should ask your teachers for a "Student Login Information" sheet that contains your username and password. Use this information to login at any time for instant access. Note that this sheet is different than the "Guardian Login Information" sheet, which allows parents to create accounts. For security reasons, Citynet is not able to provide your login information, this can only be obtained from the school.


If you have a student who goes to a school that is using LiveGrades, then you will have access to login to view their grades and other information! It is very important that you create your own account instead of using your child's so that you will receive parent messages when they are sent by the teachers.

To get started, you will need a "Guardian Login Information" sheet from the school. You can only get this sheet from the school office or any of your children's teachers.

Do you have a "Guardian Login Information" sheet?

If you have this sheet, then you have everything you need to get started. Follow the link to the left to create your parent account. You will need to choose a username and password and provide your name and email address. Finally, you will need to enter the student code and pass key from the sheet to associate your new account to the student. That's all! You are now ready to login and view your child's grade. This account will work as long as your child attends a school within the same school district that uses LiveGrades. If you have any additional students at the same or other schools in the same district, once you have logged into your account, you will have an option to enter additional student codes and pass keys to associate additional students to your account. Each parent can have their own account to view your child's progress.

Don't have a "Guardian Login Information" sheet?

To get started, you must have this sheet as it contains important information about your student. For security reasons, you can only obtain this information from your child's school. Any of your child's teachers and the school office should be able to provide this sheet. Citynet is not able to provide any student information so we cannot provide login information.