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WVEIS Integration

The LiveGrades system integrates seamlessly with the West Virginia Education Information System (WVEIS), allowing teachers instant access to class rosters and student information. The system receives nightly downloads from WVEIS, making any updates or changes to student schedules and information. Teachers do not have to setup the students in their classes – this information will be available for them the first day of class. At the end of the term, no need to log directly into WVEIS, LiveGrades can publish your grades back into WVEIS, saving you time and reducing the potential of mistakes.

Web-Based: No Software to Install

LiveGrades is a fully web based solution that gives teachers instant access to their gradebooks from anywhere – in the classroom, at home, even while traveling. As you enter grades, they are automatically saved to Citynet's servers, meaning there are no files to transfer or export – your grades are ready and available whenever and wherever you are!

Flexible, Custom Grading Options

Grid View Grading

Points and Percentage Based Grading: Click to view a larger image

While the most common method of editing grades is simply to review the assignment and make any updates to students' grades through the assignment view, you also have the option to use Grid View Grading. With a layout similar to old style paper and pencil gradebooks, the system will layout any assignments you have entered across the screen, giving you the ability to quickly edit grades within the view.

Points and Percentage Based Grading

LiveGrades is built to allow you to choose your exact grading style. When a class is first established, you'll have the option to select whether you use or percentage based grading. From that point forward, the grading engines and interfaces will customize themselves to your specific grading method according to this and other settings you select.

Custom Grading Scales

Is 91% an A or a B? As a teacher, you've developed your own scales for how you grade students. The system will allow your school or County to setup a default, system wide grading scale to determine what consistitutes an A, B, C, etc. As a teacher, you have the ability to setup a customized grading scale on a class by class basis. Simply define through an intuitive interface the ranges for each grade value, and then apply this grading scale to your classes. All reports, statistics, and the information uploaded to WVEIS will reflect grades based on your customized scale.

Custom Grading Marks

LiveGrades is designed to customize itself to the exact needs of the teachers. The Custom Grading Marks feature allows a teacher to define special characters and marks to be used while grading. The school or county can define organization wide custom grading marks and how they are handled – such as "M" for missing, "E" for excused, etc. Teachers can then create their own additional custom grading marks to be used in addition to those on the organization level.

Grade Adjustments & Overrides

Grade Overrides: Click to view a larger image

Ever have a student who works hard, has never missed class, behaves perfectly, always contributes, and ends up with a 92% at the end of the term? LiveGrades enables teachers to override grades at the end of any term, including the full class grade. The override feature will display all of the grades within the class and provide the ability to add (or subtract) points from the grade, or to simply change the grade to another value. The adjusted grade will be used for all reports, statistics, and for the upload to WVEIS.

Drop the Lowest Grade

Many teachers allow their students to drop their lowest grade at the end of the term. LiveGrades enables teachers to automatically drop the lowest grade for their students and automatically recalculates their grade without this value included.

Extra Credit Assignments

When setting up an assignment, you may specify that the assignment is "Extra Credit". Setting an assignment as extra credit gives you the ability to specify the total point value possible of the extra credit assignment and the total number of points earned. This option allows the points earned to be included in the final grade, but does not include the possible points to count against students.

Copy Assignments

Do you have the same assignment in several different classes? LiveGrades is built to be lean and efficient, so, of course, you don't have to enter all of the assignment information more than once. The copy assignment feature displays recent assignments and allows copying of all information from the original.

Dynamic Grade Value Calculation

Dynamic Grade Value Calculation: Click to view a larger image

To calculate a final grade, a specific point/percentage value is needed. As a teacher, you want to be able to use the custom grading marks and enter other relevant information into the grade field. Did you have a 10 point quiz with one bonus question? For that student who got all questions right, plus the bonus question, enter their grade as "10+1". Did someone loose two points on a 20 point homework assignment because it was late? Enter the grade as "20-2". Do you grade by points, but, want to enter your grades as a percentage? Enter a 20 point assignment, and give a student a "75%", or maybe they got bonus points and earned a "75%+2", or maybe even a "B+2". LiveGrades allows grade entry however you choose to enter the grades. As you enter the grades, LiveGrades will calculate and display the numerical equivalency of your grade off to the side, however it will also store the grade just as you've entered it. When a student/parent views their grades from home, they will see it exactly how you've entered it. A comment field along with each grade allows you to put customized comments for that student to explain their grade and is visible to the student/parent.

Grades Kept Forever

Once your school begins using LiveGrades, you'll have access to all of the grading information that you've ever entered. Each semester, the system will automatically create new classes containing each of your students so you can start fresh grading. There's no need to clear out the data or reset the system for the start of a new year. Grades and student information is automatically archived, but kept readily available through the system should you ever choose to go back to review the information again.

Attendance Tracking

LiveGrades can now track attendance information for all of your students. We can track absences, being tardy to class, or any other attendance type you would need, all through a simple poin-and-click interface that tracks each student's attendance daily by class, so you can know if students arrived late or skipped out early.

Disciplinary Reports

Track misbehavior and other disciplinary problems through LiveGrades. Reports can be filed or any student in the school by any teacher or administrator, and information is automatically available to parents and students. Integration with the Message Center allows easy communication between parents, students, and teachers involved.

Seating Charts

Seating Charts: Click to view a larger image

LiveGrades features a seating chart function that allows arranging the students as needed within the classroom. Through a graphical interface, you can drag and drop an icon for each student where you want them in the room. The print feature on the seating chart makes it simple to show substitutes where student's should be sitting, or even to show parents where their children sit in the room.

LiveGrades can help you generate randomized seating charts by randomizing the students in your class without changing the seat positions, or you can have the system generate a default, alphabetical ordering.

Teacher/Parent Messaging

The Message Center feature allows teachers to communicate with their students and parents through a secure, email like interface. While viewing a student's profile, a teacher can select to send that student a message. By clicking the message center link and then choosing to create a new message, the teacher may select to send a message to a single student or parent, or all the students or parents within the class. Once a message is sent, if the individual has an email address setup, they will receive a notice telling them they have received a message with a link to retrieve the message. When they log into the system, they'll be able to see any new messages they may have received. Parents and students will be able to respond back to these messages, or create a new message to the teachers, at any point through the Parent and Student interface.

Customized Reports

With grading information entered into the system, an important feature is the ability to produce up to date and accurate reports. LiveGrades features a full host of reporting options, such as progress reports, full gradebook printing, and parent/student login usage reports.

LiveGrades was designed around the concept that it will be used by an entire school system (County), or at least an entire school. With this design, the system allows multiple access levels for school administrators at the district and school level. A variety of reports are available to administrators to view the progress and grades from within each of the schools.

Intuitive Interface

Within any given school, there will be parents and students from every walk of life. Some may be highly technically saavy, while others may have had little exposure to new technology. The LiveGrades student/parent interface was designed to be straight forward and easy to use. Once a parent account has been established, they simply log in and click on their student to instantly see a list of all their grades. They can then simply click onto a class to see the details, and continue to drill down to get detailed information. The interface avoids excess information and confusing content to allow parents to get straight to what they are looking for – grades.

Safe & Secure

With LiveGrades, you can rest assured that all the grading data is safe and secure. Using advanced internet security measures and techniques, Citynet has ensured that the system is safe and protects all critical information, ensuring it is accessible only by those authorized to see it. Every teacher or user has their own account, and they can only see information they are allowed to see. The grading data itself is very secure against loss as well. With nightly on and off-site backups, there is no fear of information becoming corrupted or lost.

24/7 Access from Anywhere!

Students & Parents

One of the most significant benefits of the LiveGrades system is the interface for Students and Parents to access grades instantly online. It is the mission of the LiveGrades product to not only simplify grading for teachers, but, also to improve communication between teachers and students/parents. By making grades available online, students/parents are empowered to monitor their progress closely, and utilizes this information to focus efforts to improve their performance within class.

Teachers & Administrators

LiveGrades is a fully web based solution that gives teachers instant access to their gradebooks from anywhere – in the classroom, at home, even while traveling. As you enter grades, they are automatically saved to Citynet's servers, meaning there are no files to transfer or export – your grades are ready and available whenever and wherever you are!

Outstanding, Local Expert Support

Our support cannot be surpassed! You will receive local, EXPERT support from the team of developers who created this amazing education application. Citynet's team of experts are part of your team.