Success Stories

We are proud to be in so many West Virginia schools! Our team is so happy to receive positive comments from active users of the LIveGrades system. Here are just a few of those testimonials:

LiveGrades has been an integral part of the way we do business at Bridgeport Middle School for many years. Using the program school-wide communicates to parents our desire to keep everyone on the same page. It is user friendly for parents, teachers and students. Our families appreciate that we are using only one grading program and the ease of communication it provides.
Wyoming County is finishing up our second year using and, as the person who oversees the product in our county, I couldn't be more pleased with LiveGrades. LiveGrades is a product with West Virginia schools in mind, written by West Virginians, for West Virginians, and during these two years, they have always listened to the comments and suggestions of our teachers. The technical support staff is truly second to none, very responsive, and always ready, willing, and able to address any issues that have come up. The fact that LiveGrades is given by Citynet to the West Virginia school system at no charge just makes it even better. After using the product and seeing it in action, I would certainly purchase the product for our schools if it were not free of charge. I would highly recommend that any county come home to West Virginia's own Citynet LiveGrades.
Our county has been using Live Grades for several years now and it has been a WONDERFUL PROGRAM! We are thoroughly impressed with the quick response and professionalism that is shown to us on a daily basis. We are also EXTREMELY SATISFIED with the many features the program has to offer, and especially LOVE the transparent relationship it provides the students, teachers, and parents:) I would highly recommend the Live Grades Program to another school system! has been an outstanding product for Wood County Schools. The transition was quite easy from our previous online grade-book, and the tech support from Citynet is second to none. We initially switched to LiveGrades because of a budget crunch, but we would not switch back to our previous grade-book if they offered to us at no charge. Jan (Citynet's education solutions specialist), Shawn (technical support), and the other folks at Citynet have been there to support us whenever a problem arises, but that doesn't happen very often. is the perfect match for WVEIS. Our school schedulers have saved a tremendous amount of time when adding new students to our system because of the automatic integration between WVEIS and LiveGrades. The grading process between LiveGrades and WVEIS is smooth and the customer support is the best I have ever had in a grading system. LiveGrades is constantly improving their system based upon what teachers want.
After years of working with our old grading program, I wasn't expecting to learn the program so quickly. tech support with Jan Frenzel is fast and to the point. She always answers our questions in minutes and in a way that's easy to understand and follow. Also, our county is saving thousands of dollars by using Parents are able to access student grades and communicate with teachers easily and at their convenience, and students can check their grades from their school tablets any time the want.
Roane County Schools decided to go to two years ago. I contacted LiveGrades with many questions about our switch over process. I received the upmost professional guidance throughout the demonstration phase, actual set-up, and use processes. The tech support and professional development offered was and is outstanding. All questions are addressed in a very timely manner!
Lincoln County's experience with LiveGrades has been very positive. We have had very little problems and when we did you were great to solve them. I think that the greatest thing is your service and availability of Shawn and the support team. Over the last few years Citynet has gone above and beyond to provide us with a excellence service. The new way of downloading grades to upload into WVEIS is great.